White claims Diaz said no to fight with Khabib

UFC Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov manhandled Conor McGregor back in October and despite the dominance most fans expected an immediate rematch. Hopefully someone with some sense intervened and that’s why this next report almost happened instead.

Team Khabib called out the only other fighter in the organization who has beaten the Irish mega-star. The man in question is Stockton 209. What? What?! Nate freakin’ Diaz. Imagine the build up to that fight especially now that Nurmagomedov had a taste of a blood feud leading up to the McGregor victory. It would probably be fireworks between Nate and Khabib and the PPV would most likely be close to or over a million buys if there was a quality co-main event. None of that matters despite this call out and we will get to why that is in a minute.

Dana White’s response to this potential bout emerging from this call out was a claim that he offered Nate Diaz the potential blockbuster and he turned it down.He also emphasized that it wasn’t just Diaz.

If this is true the fans are the only losers. Neither of these guys are probably hurting for money. We want to throw ours their way so let’s go Dana. Make it happen!