Tommy Scrivner will make his return to Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships on Oct. 20 when he challenges Jaime Vasquez for the featherweight championship at JICFC 5. Now 22, Tommy¬†has been fighting in MMA since before he was legal. He got caught fighting underage years ago in promotions before he turned 18. He also has had a reputation in the past of not training too hard. However, after a few setbacks outside the cage and losses inside he rededicated himself to training and joined a new gym.

The changes started paying off as he picked up a quick submission win at C4FC 6 in Kentucky back in May. Tommy then fought at JICFC 4 in July and picked up another first-round submission win, this time over Luis Siquenza which happens to be one of Vasquez’s training partners and the victory has now earned him the title shot.

Promoter Johnathan Ivey commented about Tommy’s upcoming fight. “He has earned the shot at the champion but it is going to be a huge step,” Ivey said. “This reminds me of Rocky vs Apollo. On paper Tommy shouldn’t beat Jaime. But fights are not fought on paper, they are fought in a cage. The biggest fight of Tommy’s career happens on October 20th.”

Pro MMA Now caught up with Tommy Scrivner to talk about fighting underage in MMA, find out his thoughts about his win over Siguenza, the opportunity he has to capture the JICFC featherweight championship with a victory over Jaime Vasquez and how he sees the fight going.

Tommy can you please explain the story of you getting caught underage fighting in MMA promotions?

I was young and eager to fight. I started when I was 16 ISKA shut that down haha.

At JICFC 1 you fought Kyle Tetley and lost quickly. It’s been said that your training habits may not have been the best for that fight. Can you walk us through that fight?

I don’t know, it started then it stopped. Then there it was, like would you look at this.

After that fight you went up to Kentucky and won, then came back to the JICFC for JICFC 4 and beat Luis Siguenza very fast. Can you walk us through that fight?

Yeah man, the ref said fight, I looked across the ring like would you look at that it is Luis Siguenza. The ref said fight then it was over like would you just look at that.

You looked like two completely different fighters in the Tetley and Siguenza fights. What was the difference?

I didn’t know I looked so different maybe it was the haircut I don’t know… After that fight I bet you Ivey was like ya’ll just look at that just look at it!!!!!

In the Johnathan Ivey biography that’s sold at book stores across the United states, a whole chapter is about you and your trials and tribulations. Can you tell us about some of the things in that chapter?

I would tell u but unfortunately I can’t read so I don’t know.

You are fighting Jaime Vasquez for the JICFC featherweight title on October 20th. You both have one common opponent, Kyle Tetley. You lost to Tetley while Vasquez beat him easily, does that give you some concerns?

Vasquez ain’t ready. I can kick his ass with one arm. Watch what I do with two hahaha.

Can you walk us through how you see the fight with Vasquez going?

Would you jus look at that your new 145 champ Tommy Scrivner, just look at it! :)

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