Promoter Johnathan Ivey has called JICFC featherweight champion Jaime Vasquez, “by far the most well-rounded fighter” in his organization. He also said, “he has no weaknesses”. After Vasquez dominated Kyle Tetley with a first-round submission win to capture the featherweight title at JICFC 3 in February, he returned at JICFC 4 with a unanimous decision victory over Jaysen Baker in his first title defense. Vasquez will now return to Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships on Oct. 20 in Murfreesboro, Tenn., where he will defend his belt against veteran Tommy Scrivner. Pro MMA Now caught up with Vasquez to get his thoughts on Scrivner as a person and opponent, Scrivner’s recent win over his teammate and when he would like to turn pro.

At JICFC 3 you immediately stepped in the JICFC and fought for the featherweight title. You beat Kyle Tetley in the first round. Can you walk us through that fight?

I prepared so much to fight against Kyle. He had good style and that had me worried. Then I had to enter with a lot of strength and technique to defeat my opponent soon.

Is the CFC title your first title or do you have others?

155 pound title in Warriors Den Fighting Championships and title of 145 pounds for Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships.

At JICFC 4 you defended your belt against previously undefeated fighter Jaysen Baker, you completely dominated that fight. Did you expect that fight to go as it did or were you surprised it lasted 3 rounds?

I kept training hard to defend my 145-pound belt. It was tough, the fight I could not finish. Then it was 3 rounds, I was surprised. He was very strong.

That same night that you fought Baker, your training partner fought Tommy Scrivner. Were you surprised that the fight went the way it went?

My partner had about two years without training and took the fight against Tommy. It was a mistake to fight but Tommy does not surprise me [with] anything.

What do you think of Scrivner as a fighter and as a person?

As a fighter I’m not surprised, he has a very bad style. As a person he does not respect his opponent and he is a clown. He talks without logic, he has no personality.

How do you see the fight going with you and Scrivner?

I train hard and I fight with any fighter. I do not know what he can offer me as a bad fighter.

Johnathan Ivey has called you numerous times the most well rounded and best fighter in all of the JICFC, how much longer to you plan to stay amateur?

Thanks to my training team we are getting good results and soon I will be pro.

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