WWE Hell in a Cell went down yesterday and for the most part it delivered. AJ Styles had a great match with Samoa Joe, The Shield showed up to fight, and Becky Lynch is the new women’s champion. So far so good.


Fans at the event had signs confiscated because they weren’t aimed at who WWE wants them to cheer. Becky Lynch signs that showed any anti Charlotte Flair text were taken immediately, even one that said, “boo the woo”. Of course any signs that were anti Roman Reigns were snatched first and probably lit on fire by Vince himself.

After the Brock Lesnar run in at the end of the main event which saw Braun Strowman challenge Roman Reigns for his title, and the dust settled the fans were happy.


Fans went ballistic and chanted “Bull$hit!”, and “This is bull$hit!”, and “We want refunds”, and many more choice words. Some fans even solicited refunds officially but have so far been unsuccessful. The WWE Network quickly transitioned to its next program and cut off before fan angst could be heard.

Fans are clearly tired of smiling babyfaces who are required to point at the Wrestlemania sign and tired of not getting the guys they want. There is no attitude, no pop, and no sizzle to the homogenized product people are being fed. Ratings have tanked, Roman Reigns is a failure, and Vinny Mac refuses to change. McMahon needs to take a step back because he may be making money on TV deals but his empire is crumbling slowly around him.

Stephanie may want to stop hyping all of the good will they are using as marketing and start putting more effort in to producing engaging programming. If not we may lose something we grew up on for good.

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