Current WWE Smackdown tag team champion Kofi Kingston recently took part in a press conference call where he answered a number of questions ranging from his thoughts on the way the WWE locker room had changed to which tag team he would want to face. The former Intercontinental champion said that he would rank New Day 1 if he made a list of greatest tag teams ever.

“If I had to make a list I would rank New Day at the top of the list,” Kofi said. “I am very confident in our ability to be able to have good matches with anybody. We can be entertaining. We can be serious. We can do it all. I would selfishly put ourselves on the top of the list.”

The New Day currently is going for their fifth reign as tag team champions. They are also the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE today. Apart from that they have also been ranked twice as the best tag team by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine. This amazing run does make them one of the best tag teams in PG era but if a list was to be made for all times, is New day actually the greatest?

If you start looking at some of the best tag teams of all times you have names like Brothers of Destruction, who established themselves as a bigger brand than the WWE; The Hardy Boyz, who have achievements across multiple promotions; The New Age Outlaws, who have a total of six tag team title reigns in WWE; The Road Warriors, who have been ranked four times as the best tag team by Pro Wrestling Illustrated; and more.

You can still say that New Day can find a place amongst the best. They have delivered some amazing matches against the Usos and have managed to add an element of excitement in the tag team division. Despite WWE not being that invested in their tag team division, The New Day as a trio managed to capture the attention of the audience and created their own fanbase. A feat like this does guarantee a place amongst the greats but being the tag team G.O.A.T. is something many might not agree with.

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