The latest rumors about Brock’s WWE future.

According to Joe Peisich and the Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast it looks like Brock Lesnar is going to have a very important meeting with the WWE’s higher-ups. After pushing UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier and calling him out we are all expecting that bout to come to fruition. Before he leaves for another fight in the UFC, the WWE will have one last chance to keep him on the roster. Here’s what was said on the podcast.

Apparently on Sunday around 4 o’clock, Brock Lesnar will have a closed-door meeting with the head honchos, maybe Stephanie, Triple H, Vince, or whatever. I don’t know what that meeting’s about. But, if he retains the title you can expect Brock Lesnar will be working for both WWE and UFC.

Brock has and always will be a healthy source of drama and rumors.