Rising prospect Caleb Miller will challenge Donovan Salvato for the welterweight title at Johnathan Ivey’s CFC 4 “Summer Smash” event on July 14 at the Mid-TN Expo in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Caleb is a former V3 champion and has been training at the same boxing gym as Ivey in preparation for his upcoming fight. Ivey tells us Caleb is a beast of an athlete and maybe the most physical fighter that has ever fought for the CFC. He made his debut with the promotion at middleweight but is moving down a weight class to challenge Salvato for the 170-pound belt. We caught up with Caleb before his mixed martial arts title fight.

Who has been your toughest opponent at the point of your career so far?

Tyler Smith. From Memphis.

How does Donovan Salvato rank compared to your toughest opponent?

Top three. Mainly due to self belief and confidence.

What area do you think you have the biggest advantage over Salvato in?

Pretty much anywhere I just need to show up mentally and be focused night of the fights.

If you win the title what are your plans for the next fight?

I don’t really know I’ll see what offers are out there after this fight.

What is it like training next to Johnathan Ivey?

It’s really awesome we’ve became very close friends and teammates through our time together. The sparring is always crazy and high level. Jonathan is like hitting a wrecking ball. We also share many of the same spiritual beliefs. So that always makes for conversation. And we’re fighters so the mutual respect is deep.

Johnathan Ivey has spoke about how impressed he is of you and your desire to get closer to God, what role does faith play in your every day life and career?

It’s the main focus that drives my life. I can’t operate normally without it. I wouldn’t expect many people to understand mine and Yeshua’s relationship. It’s something that I think every person has to handle within their own self and the Lord. It’s a very deep and intimate thing. It has nothing to do with religious doctrine and everything to do with true a relationship and the renewing of my very being. David did not fear ten of thousands of men whom awaited him at Golgotha. I will not fear one man who awaits me in a cage. I fear nothing that pertains to this world. Every win or loss I’ve taken has been in the Father’s will. This fight will be no different.

Is there anyone that you’d like to thank or give a shout out to?

First and foremost Yeshua Messiah. My daughter for pushing me to better myself every hour of the day and I just want to thank my brother, Fred Dulay, Jonathan Ivey, and my close friends who’ve been by me these last few years. Life has been “life” needless to say and I wouldn’t be as strong today without them or my Lord.


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