CM Punk and Mike Jackson rumored pay disparity is huge

Mike Jackson crushed CM Punk in what is reportedly the last fight for both in the UFC. At UFC 225 last Saturday we saw Punk walking in a daze for half of the fight with a bloody face rivaling the attractiveness of Shrek. No one doubts his heart but heart doesn’t win fights and the performance prompted White to release him. Jackson couldn’t put him away and that is most likely what prompted Dana to fire him, too.

The payouts for the pair being passed around is pretty surprising with Punk pulling in $503,000 and Jackson taking home $23,500 – $10,000 to show, a $3,500 fight week incentive and a $10,000 win bonus. In most cases when one fighter is the big draw it usually bumps up their opponent and it did to some extent. The difference is jaw dropping BUT with Mike’s performance we think it was more than fair.

Regardless, they are both done with the UFC and only time will tell if Jackson, who refers to himself in third person, will return to fighting and whether CM Punk will return to wrestling.

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