Craziness surrounds the circus that is the lightweight division. If you ask anyone to name a lightweight fighter right now they will say Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Tony Ferguson in that order. So when Ferguson withdrew from the UFC 223 bout with Khabib citing injury, and featherweight champion Max Holloway stepped up it was a shock. Max now has a chance to taste the rare air of being another fighter to hold a belt in two divisions – just not the undisputed? His coach spoke with Express sport to break the news…

I don’t think they actually deserve to fight for the title. It’ll be for the interim title and let Conor face the winner and we’ll take it from there. I haven’t heard if it will be for the official title and Conor will be stripped. Or whether it’s still going to be for the interim title.

Despite not defending the belt for over a year this could mean Conor wouldn’t be stripped as was the original plan.

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