Anthony Pettis says he has been watching CM Punk train and he is truly impressed by what he has seen. Punk’s first outing went pretty much how experts said it would. He gets taken down and submitted in the first round. Instead of giving up, Punk decided he would kick it up a notch and if what Pettis is saying is true we may see a much improved version of the former WWE champion. Here’s what Pettis said to The MMA Hour…

I see him every day, man. That guy’s in the gym every day. He’s probably one of the hardest workers in the gym. He’s always there, always improving, and yeah, he’s definitely gotten better. You put that much time in, you’re going to get better. He’s working the gi, he’s working no-gi. He’s training with top-level UFC guys inside his weight class, so I think we should see a better performance. He’s a competitor, man. And he loves the grind. I don’t know what else he’d be doing if he wasn’t doing this. He’s just, he’s always in the gym. So in the short time I’ve known him for his first fight to this fight, it’s the same, the dude is just pushing hard, man. He’s grinding, he’s getting better, he’s putting the mat time in, and there’s no way around getting better besides putting the mat time in.

What do you think? Can Punk pull off a win or is he done?

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