Before TJ Dillashaw challenges former teammate Cody Garbrandt for the bantamweight championship at UFC 217 on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, “No Love” finally released that sparring footage where he allegedly knocked out TJ when they used to train together at Team Alpha Male. And while Cody blasts TJ with an overhand right that puts him down, it’s hard to tell if he was actually out.

According to TJ (via MMAJunkie), he got right back up and kept training.

“Yeah, tell him to keep playing the video,” Dillashaw said. “I get up and start going again. There was no KO like he’s been stating.”

Well, clearly Garbrandt got the better of that exchange regardless if it was a knockdown or knockout. Will there be a repeat performance when the two meet in the co-main event on Saturday? The odds favor the champ.

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