Edson Barboza is back at it and this time he is calling out one of the most injury prone elite fighters in the world. Edson called out Khabib Nurmagomedov for a bout at UFC 219 and he said despite his acceptance, Khabib has yet to answer. Here’s what he said via MMA Fighting.

They offered me this fight and I accepted it. I said I’ll be ready for December 30, and it’s on him now. We’ll see what he does. I saw an interview with him yesterday and he said he’ll fight me if Conor fights Ferguson, and Dana (White) already said that fight will happen, so I believe my next fight will be against Khabib.

I definitely want to fight him. He’s definitely one of the best and I respect him, I respect his team. He’s definitely one of the best 155 in the world. He’s the No. 2 and I’m the No. 3, and that’s the fight that makes sense for us.

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