Being a direct descendant of Jack Dempsey I can understand the importance a relative’s legacy is to maintain. The son of boxer Rocky Marciano, Rocky Jr. is not okay with Floyd Mayweather Jr. beating his father’s record with a win over Conor McGregor Saturday, August 26th. Floyd has tied Rocky Marciano’s undefeated career mark of 49-0 and a win over McGregor makes him the all time record holder.

He spoke with USA Today ahead of Saturday’s bout and referenced Floyd’s record and the benefit of fighting in a lower weight class.

No matter what happens, I don’t think it should go towards Mayweather’s professional career, win or lose. This fight to me isn’t a true boxing match.

Heavyweights, most of them, hold the highest knockout percentage for a reason. They’re bigger, they’re stronger and one punch can take a heavyweight out.

So it’s a lot more difficult to stay undefeated than it is for someone in the lower weight class, where it can be more of a type of match where you’re just outpointing your opponent.

 He said Floyd had an “incredible, wonderful, exciting career”, but he did go on to say the bout with McGregor is just an “exhibition”.

What do you think? Should McGregor’s win count on Floyd’s record?

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