Bob Sapp might be the most embarrassing combat sports participant in history.  If aliens visited earth after our civilization was long gone and they found a video of him fighting in the last five years I would  feel ashamed that cowardice and dishonesty would be our legacy.   He has taken more dives than a diver does in practice for the Olympics. People are lining up to fight him because they know it will be an easy win against a name.

I am certain he doesn’t take a dive for money but Bob just doesn’t have the heart or courage to take a big punch anymore.  He doesn’t get paid as much as he did in his Pride or K-1 days but he should still go out on his shield and not on his butt with people groaning in the audience. Sapp fought Gregory Tony at Fight Night St. Tropez on Aug. 4 and for a moment it looked like he was back! Then he went down from what looked like a glancing blow…shameful.

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