The build-up and the promotions have been almost unavoidable in the running to the Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather fight, which matches a two-weight UFC champion against a retired former boxing world champion. While everyone has been speculating as to who is going to win the fight, with the Irishman gaining an almost unwarranted amount of support, it’s a wonder what will happen next. Mayweather will undoubtedly return to promoting, but what about McGregor? Well, that might just depend on the outcome of the fight.

McGregor’s options

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As you would expect from a mixed martial artist coming into the relatively closed-off discipline of boxing, McGregor isn’t favored in the upcoming fight, at all. However, if he can pull off a win, there’s a chance that he may want to pursue a career in boxing or to try at least to win a world title in the sport.

A couple of months back, McGregor posted an image on Twitter of his UFC titles, saying that he wants to add some boxing ones:

However, a loss to Mayweather – in a fight that doesn’t have a title on the line – may give the Irishman somewhat of a reality check, and convince the UFC champion to return to what he does best; fighting in the octagon. McGregor is actually gaining some backing with the bookies. Well, he’s still the heavy underdog at +650.00 here, but that’s come down from around +700.00 about a month ago. With McGregor gaining favor almost everywhere, a victory for the UFC champion is looking increasingly possible.

With a win, there will be enough hype and certainly enough money on the table for McGregor to push his boxing career, and even work his way towards a world title. On the other hand, he could return to the UFC as a more prized asset, being able to demand a bigger purse per fight and continue to forge a legendary career with the promotion.

Would McGregor return to the UFC?

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As the big fight has begun to draw ever closer, McGregor’s future has become seemingly more uncertain. Dana White, the UFC president, was once very assured when it came to Conor McGregor returning to the UFC after the Floyd Mayweather bout, with a fight in Russia against Khabib Nurmagomedov looking to be in his crosshairs.

Most recently, however, White has admitted to the draw of the big money events, and that it has lured away his talents from the UFC before, stating: “I had a bunch of guys who worked for us in the UFC and made a bunch of money and they’re gone now… You just don’t know.”

Certain that he’s going to win, McGregor has even said that he’s going to run Showtimeafter he’s defeated Floyd Mayweather, “if they want me back in the boxing game.” So a move into boxing certainly appears to be a possibility in McGregor’s mind.

It’s hard to image that Conor McGregor wouldn’t be welcomed back into the UFC with either result of his fight against Mayweather, and moving back to mixed martial arts would be the smart move after the big fight. But, if he wins and thinks that he can work his way up the boxing rankings, there won’t be much stopping him. 

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