Clarksville, Tennessee’s Nate “The Train” Landwehr has signed a multi-fight contract with Russian mixed martial arts organization M-1 Global. The former 3FC 145-pound champ and current No. 1 ranked featherweight in Tennessee is known for his aggressive fighting style and finishing power and looks to take that same winning formula into the M-1 ring.

“It’s a great opportunity for Nate ‘The Train’ Landwehr brand, M-1 Global has been doing events the last 20 years all over the world,” Jason Ellis of Relentless Sports Management told Pro MMA Now. “They’re a top 5 organization hands down, this platform allows Nate to challenge himself with some of best athletes available and bring worldwide recognition to himself.”

Pro MMA Now caught up with “The Train” to get his thoughts on signing with Russia’s top MMA organization and he gave it to us straight in typical Nate Landwehr fashion.

Thanks for talking with us, Nate. I hear you’ve signed a new multi-fight contract with M-1. Can you tell us how this came about and when you’ll be going to Russia?

My manager got the deal done. They liked what they seen. I’ll be going as soon as possible.

Will your fans be able to watch online, if so how?

They’ll be able to watch online at

Is Russia ready for Nate “The Train”?

Russia is, my opponent ain’t.

How’s training been going and who is helping you prepare for this next fight?

Training is tough but I got my team, my coaches my wife and myself.

What have you been focusing on in training lately and what aspect are you most enjoying?

Power, speed, endurance.

Are you concerned about letting it go to decision in Russia, is getting the finish a real priority?

Shit is not going to decision, I’m smashing anyone who comes in front of me.

What is your main motivation these days when it comes to fighting?

Just knocking motherfuckers out.

Any final words for the Nate “The Train” fans out there?

I’ll be the new M-1 champion within the first 3-4 fights. Stay tuned.

-Photo credit: Michael Rios

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