Jon Jones Goes into UFC 214 as Favorite over Daniel Cormier

There was some skepticism over the quality of UFC 214. But it is starting to look like those worries were exaggerated. Though, just because some of the matches on the card look impressive doesn’t mean they will deliver. But there is no reason to nurture a pessimistic attitude just yet, not when there are so many MMA match odds for UFC 214 to consider.

All eyes will probably be on the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier fight, and for good reason. Whether or not you think Daniel Cormier has had a decent run as UFC Light-heavyweight champion, you will get to see him keep another hungry challenger away from his crown for a third time as the match commences on Saturday evening.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the bout as Jones and Cormier have quite the history. It isn’t excessively steeped in drama and intrigue but there is still a bitter rivalry somewhere in there.

And rivalries are as much a part of the UFC as the actual fighting. After all, sometimes the stakes can get a little stale if the only thing on the line is a title of some sort. You want to settle in for the match knowing that the two men about to kick and punch each other have some sort of feud to settle.

Even if this sort of drama doesn’t drive Cormier and Jones to hit each other that much harder, your excitement levels are bound to rise by a few levels as you try to imagine what might be going through each man’s head on Saturday.

Jon Jones, in case you didn’t know, is the favorite. Though, with grudge matches like this, there is always room for unexpected upsets. Cormier cannot have forgotten the fact that Jones is the only competitor to ever best him.

If only for the sake of his ego, he cannot afford to lose. His fervor and Jones’ determination to humiliate his rival once again should make the rematch one of the most anticipated in the history of UFC.

One cannot ask for a better main event for UFC 214. The Honda Center is definitely the place to be on Saturday. As the Anaheim, California event inches closer, the odds are probably going to keep adjusting.

Jones’ -255 odds are only marginally different from Cormier’s +235 odds. And if that isn’t enough to get the blood pumping, one can always look to the Tyron Woodley/Demian Maia fight, which is a decent enough co-main event.

For some people, the only match that matters is the one between Cristiane Justino and Tonya Evinger. The odds between these two are staggering wide (-1300 for Cris and +850 for Tonya). You won’t find a bigger underdog at UFC 214 than Tonya. And everyone loves an underdog, especially when they pull off an unexpected upset by putting the clear favorite down.

Less popular matches include Ricardo Lamas’ fight with Jason Knight. The weekend promises to deliver thrills aplenty with the UFC Welterweight and women’s Featherweight titles coming into play. From Kailin Curran to Drew Dober and Robbie Lawler, there will be a lot of talent on display.

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