After former middleweight champion Chris Weidman broke a three-fight losing streak by defeating Kelvin Gastelum at UFC on FOX 25┬álast weekend he jumped all over current champ Michael Bisping. The Brit was relatively quiet until Weidman started bashing Bisping’s eye damage and how he appears “cross eyed”. Once he went there it didn’t take long for Michael Bisping to go off and the Twitter war started. Bisping told Weidman to stop referring to him as “The Brit” and to say his name. Chris then pops him by calling him a “bitch”.

In the video below from MMA Bubble’s YouTube channel you can hear Bisping lose his mind even saying Weidman is not the same since USADA started testing, that he beat a beefed up welterweight in Gastelum, and then moves on to brain damage. We won’t ruin it for you. Check it out!

Wait, didn’t Bisping want to fight former WELTERWEIGHT champion Georges St. Pierre?

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