The dumbest WWE PPV name since This Tuesday in Texas now has no opponent for RAW champion Brock Lesnar. WWE’s Great Balls of Fire PPV takes place in July in Dallas and the plan was to have Braun Strowman face Lesnar in the main event. Unfortunately it is being reported by numerous sources that Strowman is being written off TV due to a legit shoulder injury.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Reigns is currently scheduled to have yet another Wrestlemania main event spot this year. Reigns may step in to that feud with Lesnar early which will change the booking leading up to next year’s Wrestlemania where the two were scheduled to clash. Reigns is scheduled to win in an attempt to have the official coronation of him finally being the top guy. So far Vince is 0-3.

Dave Meltzer has confirmed the above injury report.

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