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Fort Campbell’s “Slick” Will Calhoun will return to the mixed martial arts cage Saturday night when he faces Memphis’s Adam Denton in the A&A Fight Time Promotions “A Night of Explosion 2” main event at APSU in Clarksville, Tenn. The U.S. Army veteran and decorated kickboxer spoke with Pro MMA Now before the fireworks get started.

Pro MMA Now: Thanks for talking with us Will, how do you feel about moving into the main event spot at “Night of Explosion 2”?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: I don’t have any fight jitters about moving up to the main event spot. I’m here to take care of my job and thats the way I do.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What are your thoughts on this matchup against Adam Denton and how do you see the fight playing out?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: I see myself handle the fight no matter if it goes standing or to the ground. Adam is a fighter and you will see two competitors go at tonight.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Were you familiar with Adam before this fight and are you impressed with what you’ve seen?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: I was familiar with Adam before this matchup, I’ve been trying to fight him as an ammy and now I finally got my shot tonight. I’m not impressed at all. I see certain things in his game that I am going to expose tonight.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Did you pick up anything at the weigh-ins/staredowns, do you think he’s ready for what you’re bringing?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: I got a light-hearted vibe from Adam at weigh-ins, I don’t think he’s ready but we will see tonight.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Where have you been training and who helped you get ready for this fight?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: I’ve been training all around from clarksville, Nashville, to South Carolina training with Team Pitch Black, Sparks Martial Arts, and ATT in Atlanta. I know I’m prepared for this fight.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: This looks to be your first fight of 2017, has it been hard to book fights lately?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: It hasn’t been hard, I’ve been taking kickboxing fights but I stay active.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What is your martial arts background and when did you realize you wanted to pursue prize fighting?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: Kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. I realized I wanted to pursue fighting when I was wrestling in high school and I saw one of my coaches fighting and it made me want to fight ever since.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What are your goals in the sport?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: To be one of the greats.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Thanks Will, any final thoughts or anyone you want to shout out or thank?

[highlight]Will Calhoun: Just know “Slick” will be throwing down tonight. I want to thank all my training partners from Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia and all my coaches, Eric, Martin, Joe, John and sorry if I miss anyone. Shout out to my Ma, Dad and everyone coming to see me fight tonight![/highlight]

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