If you have a very keen interest in MMA and are looking for somewhere to visit that will offer you by far and away the very best Mixed Martial Arts training facilities, then without a shadow of a doubt the one country that should be high up on your list of countries to visit should be Thailand.

There are of course many unique reasons why Thailand is THE place to visit, and in this guide we shall be enlightening you on what those reasons are, and we will also be letting you know which the top rated MMA training camps are in Thailand and with that in mind please do read on.

One of the main attractions for overseas visitors to Thailand as a whole is that the cost of living is very low, and as such thanks to the many additional airlines that offer direct and some non-direct flights to Thailand the cost of not only getting there but staying there is in very easy reach of most people.

In fact, we would urge you to check the current exchange rate for turning your own home local currency into Thai Baht as we think you will be impressed with that exchange rate, much more so when you also do some research on the price of accommodation and eating out too.

Thanks to the value of the Thai Baht against most other currencies you will also find it can be very cost effective to visit and pay for our MMA training too, with many people travelling there to do just that, often as part of a package deal.

A Thailand visa will be required for any stays over above 30 days, no matter what country you are from.  Many people though do visa runs by bus (normally to Malaysia, Burma, or Laos) or by plane.  Singapore and Malaysia are both popular destinations for flying out and in, to renew a tourist stamp.

You will find that Muay Thai is one of the most common MMA sports in Thailand and with some of the best fighters and trainers located throughout the island you will not only find you will be learning the ropes with the best of them you will also be able to watch them fight and pick up fighting tips and strategies too.

The climate in Thailand will of course take a little getting used to if you come from a country famed for its much colder weather, however once you have acclimatized you will find the pace of life and unique culture to your liking and you should be prepared to venture out and about and experience that culture at first hand too.

Obviously as MMA covers a wide spectrum, you will find that there are training camps that will specialize in each of them or even all of them, and as such no matter whether your interests lay in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Judo or Wrestling there will be a course available for you, that can and will be structured to your own personal experience and level of skill.

What many people do when they are attending any MMA training camp is to take their partners, friends or other family members, for that way they are going to have someone or a group of people there staying with them they know and will always have something to do and someone to do it with when away from the training camps.

Training Camps in Phuket – One of the most visited areas of Thailand is of course Phuket and it is also home to many different training camps, and as such if you do fancy being in the thick of the action and having a large array of different training camps at your disposal then Phuket is the place to visit and base your trip around.  Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team are two of the most highly regarded camps on the island.

Chiang Mai Training Camps – Located in the mountainous northern regain of Thailand you will find Chiang Mai a very relaxing place, when of course away from your chosen MMA training camp, and you really should make a point of visiting the local area when there, however you and your party will need to be fit to do so!

MMA Training Camps in Thalang – With a local population of just over 75,000 people you will find Thalang is not overcrowded, however located north of Phuket you will not have far to travel if you do fancy embracing the local culture and delicacies when away from the ring.

MMA Training Camps in Koh Samui – Famed for its impressive Big Buddha statue Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand and is where many people enjoy the daily life. If visiting for MMA training you will find plenty of facilities offering everything you could ever need to learn how to become a much better fighter.

Surat Thani MMA Training Camps – With a much larger than average population compared to other areas of Thailand, if you choose to pay a visit to Surat Thani with the intention of learning MMA then you will be spoilt for choice, for no matter what you current level of skill you will find more than enough tutors and training camps to pick and choose from.

MMA Training Camps Phang Nga – Another very well populated area of Thailand is Phang Nga which is located in the southern part of Thailand, and much like the areas mentioned above you are going to find plenty of different MMA training camps to pick and choose from, all of which offer low cost training sessions. You will also find an abundance of places to stay too if you are travelling with friends and family member and wish to stay away from the training camps themselves.

MMA Training Camps in the Andaman Sea Area – With there being so many islands that make up Thailand then you may be considering staying on an island in the southern part of Thailand, and if so you should do a little research in regards to staying in the Andaman Sea area. Admittedly you may find getting to and from some of those islands challenging at times, however you will never look back when you do visit any of those islands for sure.

We would advise you to spend as much time as you require researching each part of Thailand as not only will you find plenty of MMA training camps spread right across Thailand you will also find plenty of other things to do when there too, depending on where you do finally choose to stay!

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