Adam Denton: ‘I won’t be satisfied unless both of us get sent to the hospital’

adam denton

Before rising featherweight talent Adam Denton steps in the cage Saturday night against hometown fighter Will Calhoun in the main event at A&A Fight Time Promotions’ “A Night of Explosion 2” in Clarksville, Tennessee, the 29-year-old Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu product spoke with Pro MMA Now.

Pro MMA Now: Thanks for talking with us Adam. You’re now fighting in the main event against Will Calhoun. How does it feel to now be headlining the card?

[highlight]Adam Denton: I feel honored that A&A Fight Time has enough belief in Will and I’s skills to headline the event.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What is your assessment of Will Calhoun?

[highlight]Adam Denton: He’s a great fighter!![/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: How do you see the fight playing out, and will you prefer to keep it standing or look to put him on his back?

[highlight]Adam Denton: I see this fight being a complete blood bath!! No hugging, just toe 2 toe, I won’t be satisfied unless both of us get sent to the hospital.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Where did you train for this fight?

[highlight]Adam Denton: Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Who are some of the coaches and training partners who helped you get ready for this one?

[highlight]Adam Denton: My coaches who helped me are Brian Hall, and Nathan Pang. A few of my training partners who help me are Jaleel Willis, James Wallace and Alvin Williams.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: This will be your first fight in almost a year, why the layoff?

[highlight]Adam Denton: My layoff was due to things out of my control. Opponents backing out of fights, not making weight, etc.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What are your goals in the sport?

[highlight]Adam Denton: To be good enough to quit my day job.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What kind of influence has Brian “The Law” Hall had on you?

[highlight]Adam Denton: The biggest influence, he’s been and done everything I want to accomplish in my career.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: What’s the Memphis MMA scene looking like these days?

[highlight]Adam Denton: Great! There are lots of awesome amateur prospects waiting to make their pro debuts.[/highlight]

Pro MMA Now: Thanks Adam, any final thoughts or anyone you want to thank or shoutout?

[highlight]Adam Denton: I wanna thank my team, Memphis Judo & Jiu-jitsu.[/highlight]

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