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Gurdarshan Mangat aka “Saint Lion” stands as one of the brightest MMA prospects today. The Canadian-Indian fighter holds a decorated record of 9-1, with 7 of them being finishes. The 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu product has fought on multiple platforms like SFL, BFL and Combat Games MMA. Mangat will be returning to action at the historic Brave 5 and will be facing Abdul Muneer at the event. We caught up with “Saint Lion” before the fight and he¬†answered a few of our questions.

Your opponent, Abdul, says you are using the Indian flag to gain attention. What are our thoughts on it?

He is misunderstanding me. He doesn’t know how deep my Indian roots are. I have been raised in Indian culture. Punjab is my ancestral land. My roots lie in India.

What are your thoughts on Abdul as an opponent?

He didn’t want to come down to my weight class. So I have moved up two weight classes to prove myself. I am going to finish him in round 1.

How does it feel when Abdul constantly says that you are using the Indian flag for promotion?

Do you understand how many Indians have gone abroad? Millions and millions have gone to other nations. Do you think all of them are against their nation. If my parents did not want me to have Indian roots they would simply tell me to forget everything and follow the western culture but they never did that. They never let me forget my Indian roots, they raised me with Indian cultures. They never let me forget that I belonged to India.

How does it feel to fight in India?

It means everything to me. I am living of this energy. If I weren’t Indian then this energy would mean nothing to me, I am surrounded by Indians and I am living of this energy. It feels great.

Message for fans.

On Sunday you’ll come to know who is the number 1 Indian pound for pound fighter. I am moving up 2 weight classes and I am ready. I am going to finish him under round 1.

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