anderson silva ufc183Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva is feeling almost zero pressure going in to his fight on Saturday with Derek Brunson. UFC 208 takes place in Brooklyn this Saturday. He told he’s doing what he loves and that is why he says he’s more at ease.

I’ve already conquered everything, now I just want to have fun, to do what I love — I don’t feel any pressure. I think I’ve already gone through all the phases of this sport. I’ve lost, I’ve won, I’ve got injured. Now it’s about doing what I love.

Anderson Silva is 41 and some fans are afraid he will go the way of BJ Penn and tarnish his legendary status somewhat with a crushing defeat. Brunson is a terrifyingly intense up and comer who doesn’t care if Silva is a legend or not. The fact that he is 41 only matters to Silva. In fact – it’s his motivation.

The challenge drew me in. He’s eight years younger, he suffered a loss, but he had a lot of wins before.

He failed a drug test which turned his win in to a no contest at UFC 183 in his bout with Nick Diaz. His drug test failure defense was a tainted sexual enhancement supplement but his team could not explain the androsterone so he was suspended for one year. In the midst of all that he’s gone o-4-1 since July of 2013 which is why there is skepticism with his continuation to fight. He believes those losses and the drug test make for a more compelling fight on Saturday.

When you have a story built with a lot of battle, determination and dedication, it’s hard to erase everything. With all I’ve done in the sport, and with what I still plan to do, there’s no way to erase it. Of course everything has an expiration date. For now my date is still there, but when the time comes and I feel that I can not do it any more, I will stop. Nothing, the defeats or the setbacks, have hampered the fans’ respect and affection. There is always a renewal. There will be someone who will come up and become a big name of this sport in Brazil, and hopefully that happens soon.

I guess we will see if Silva still has what it takes and even if he doesn’t he has another lofty goal ahead – an Oscar. Yes, he actually said that.

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