Cutman David Maldonado prepping UFC fighter Luke Sanders
Cutman David Maldonado prepping “Cool Hand” Luke Sanders

MMA has had plenty of news in recent months. Rumblings of promotions not paying fighters, rumors of worked fights, while another promotion is in the news with doubts of collapsing altogether. Former dominating champions being seen dominated by others. Inspiring stories, salary concerns, and plenty of great skill displayed as always.

Beginning this month, Legacy FC and Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) join hands to create LFA. It is expected that around 30 shows will be held this calendar year by that promotion. For me it is a great move as my affiliations are consolidated to one soon to be cohesive group.

It is very exciting to see the best from both promotions come together and create a unified champion. Considering the number of fighters from both promotions that have left for the UFC, the talent pool is amazing and is quite often nothing short of a superfight. With strong fan following of each promotion and the individual fighters, the upcoming locations welcome an elevated level of excitement and anticipation. I am blessed to be a part of such a journey.

Many regions and countries are represented and there is talk of growth to even more locales. With a combined experience of roughly 100 events, the quality that will be seen by viewers should be impressive. Making it clear that LFA views itself as the NCAA of the sport of MMA, it will be the goal of many up and coming fighters and former stars hoping to rebuild their career. It is most certainly the place to be.

Some new rules and a new promotion name require some extra effort for explanation and clarification but competitive battles between elite fighters will not change. An exciting 2017 awaits!

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