alvarez-vs-mcgregorConor McGregor drove the crowds that had come to watch him fight on Saturday crazy as he put up a sterling and unrivaled performance. This self- confident Irishman entered the ring in style and made it pretty obvious that he had every intention to leave it a winner. He did not disappoint his fans when he sprang to action. If anything, he left his rival in a pathetic state. But even more noteworthy is the fact that in just one night, he managed to successfully defend two titles- as the UFC Lightweight and Featherweight Champion. That is no mean achievement by any standards. Here is a blow by blow account of what happened Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden, where masses witnessed McGregor making history even in MMA odds.

McGregor’s Triumph

McGregor was a bit relaxed before the bell rang. But from the onset of the game, it was clear that he had the upper hand. He showed his rival, Eddie Alvarez, no mercy from very early in the game. In the first round, he managed to drop Alvarez three solid times. Alvarez had very weak comebacks. In fact, after he was dropped the third time, he could not get up fast enough. The smell of victory drove McGregor completely crazy in the second round.

He started by teasing the tired and drained Alvarez, daring Alvarez to strike him while he tying his hands to his back. There was little that Alvarez could do, and he did not know what hit him when McGregor strike him. The game was declared to be over at 1:52 when it was obvious that Alvarez was completely spent. All this action awoke the beast in McGregor, and upon his certain victory, he started yelling and challenging everyone, demanding both his belts at once. He was simply ecstatic. But it was his fans that were probably much wild than he was. He had attracted over twenty thousand people- celebrities and commoners alike.

In the featherweight competitions, McGregor also did something similar to his rival, Jose Aldo. With Jose, it was a knock out that lasted a whole 13 seconds. Without doubt, McGregor is a slayer, and he deserved both the titles he got.

UFC New York Woes

The Saturday games that were held in MSG were actually the first to be held there since two decades ago. New York lawmakers placed a ban on UFC competitions in the city nearly two decades ago. New laws were however passed in September that lifted the ban, and thus McGregor got an opportunity to shine in this city. In fact, he outdid even the former champions by a huge margin, in both the outcome of the matches and the monetary gains. While the famous 1999 fight between Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield brought in $ 13.5 million, the McGregor match brought in $17.7 million. Talk about breaking records!


New York has yet to witness as exciting a UFC boxing match as the Saturday one. McGregor’s victory will without doubt go down in history. It is for this reason perhaps that he was heard asking for an equity stake in UFC. McGregor will also become a father in May for the first time. Clearly, he is at a great place in his life.

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