We are less than a month away from what is said to be the biggest UFC Pay-Per-View event to date. The card is stacked head-to-toe, from the first fight on the prelims to the main event. Here are predictions for UFC 200’s main card.

Jon  Jones VS Daniel Cormier II

This fight, in my eyes is much closer than many people think. Jones’s last performance was dominant, but didn’t end in the fashion everyone expected from the former champ. However, DC’s last performance was a razor close decision over Alexander Gustafsson. So, to be fair, the pair’s last performances were not their best. There is a repeating factor I have seen with DC in his last two bouts that troubles me however. Before the fight with Anthony Johnson, Cormier had never been dropped, or really dazed in a fight. Now, at the age of 37, DC has been dropped in his last two bouts. Also, Jones already holds a decision win over DC and sadly for the champ, I don’t see it going any differently, I could even see a late 4th round TKO/KO for Jones in this one.

Pick: Jon Jones

Brock Lesnar VS Mark Hunt

Oh dear, it looks like we have an absolute barn burner on our hands here. Lesnar, who is 38, has not competed in MMA since stepping away in 2011, when he was TKO’d by Alistair Overeem. Hunt however, is on a two fight, back-to-back KO win streak. The odds aren’t exactly stacking up for the former champ in Brock Lesnar. However, one of his biggest strengths is his high level wrestling, which could give Hunt trouble. The kind of knockouts Mark Hunt has been pulling off though, makes me have to give the edge to him, Hunt has a fantastic chin and can take a punch, so unless Lesnar is able to get this to the ground and pull off some major ground and pound or a submission, I’m going with Hunt via TKO/KO round 2.

Pick: Mark Hunt

Jose Aldo VS Frankie Edgar II

This fight is rather simple to me. I believe it is a simple case of momentum, one in which does not favor the former champ, Jose Aldo. Aldo was not only KO’d cold in 13 seconds by current champ, Conor McGregor, but was also mentally drained by all of McGregor’s antics throughout the buildup. Edgar on the other hand, is coming off a KO win of former title challenger Chad Mendes in the first round. Aldo is a tough outing for anyone, but I don’t think the Aldo that dominated the featherweight division since the UFC picked up the WEC however, will ever show back up inside the cage. I see Edgar finishing this in the 3rd via TKO/KO

Pick: Frankie Edgar

Miesha Tate VS Amanda Nunes

In her first title defense, Champion Miesha Tate will defend her belt against Amanda Nunes. Although, Nunes is a strong contender, and has notable wins, Tate has finally entered her fighting prime and I believe will outclass Nunes in 5 rounds.

Pick: Miesha Tate

Travis Browne VS Cain Velasquez

Well, if there is a fight that is a toss up on this card, this is as good as any. Both fighters are coming off losses in which they were both finished. Browne’s standup and reach could pose a real threat to Cain’s usual style of grinding with dirty boxing. If Browne fights technical, I could see him catching the former champ, ending the fight. I just don’t think that Browne can actually push off the onslaught that Velasquez can bring though. With that said, I’m going with the former champ via TKO/KO round 2.

Pick: Cain Velasquez

T.J. Dillashaw VS Raphael Assuncao II

Since losing the belt to current champion, Dominick Cruz, I’m sure Dillashaw has a fire that lit inside him. His last fight was very, very close, and the edge didn’t go his way. Now, he gets to avenge one of his losses in Assuncao. Raphael has been on the sidelines for quite sometime, and even with holding a win over the former champ, I have to go with Dillashaw on this one. I see Dillashaw picking his shots and putting Assuncao away in the 3rd.

Pick: T.J. Dillashaw

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