When Will Ronda Rousey Return to the Octagon?

Ronda Rousey | photo by Phantom Street Artist
Ronda Rousey | photo by Phantom Street Artist
Ronda Rousey was perhaps the most famous female fighter in the UFC to date. Her record was spotless until her 13th fight, against Holly Holm, which stopped her ascension for a while. Not definitively, of course, as the sexy tough girl will return to the ring this year. This November, to be more specific, according to UFC president Dana White.

Why spend a year away from the Cage, you might ask?

Well, first of all, there are some medical reasons why the fighter has to “stay out of trouble” for a while. Rousey required medical attention after being knocked out by Holly Holm, and ended up in hospital afterwards. No wonder, after receiving such a kick in her head. She had her lip split, which the doctors had to suture. Besides, regulation states that after a knockout the fighter must be observed by a doctor before being allowed back in the ring.

Initially Rousey intended to return to the ring after a bit more than six months, in UFC 200 on July 9th. But her return was delayed to this November later. Fortunately, the reasons are not medical in nature – according to Dana White, her “other obligations” keep her from returning to the cage before the set date. Maybe the 29-year-old fighter has been playing at the red flush casino while she was away. We know she’s a gaming fan.

Her fame, acquired in the ring, has seeped out to other aspects of show business, making her an attractive personality overall. Since her defeat, she hosted a Saturday Night Live episode, she did a photoshoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (wearing nothing but body paint), and she has gotten a lot of invitations from Hollywood, which she has to see to before returning to the world of mixed martial arts.

When she returns, she might come to New York City to fight at the Madison Square Garden, UFC vice president of public relations Dave Sholler said. And it would be a massive event.

Before she returns to the Cage, Ronda Rousey will take one more detour toward the big screen, in the upcoming remake of the famous Patrick Swayze movie Road House. Written and directed by Nick Cassavetes (known for titles like The Notebook and Alpha Dog), the movie tells the story of a well known bouncer hired to lift the reputation of an infamous pub (it might be a club in the new version) by eliminating aggressive patrons, which live in high numbers in the area. Rousey will take on the role originally played by Swayze – the bouncer with a brain. Hopefully the movie will bring Dalton’s original philosophy – “Be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice.” – back to the big screen in a way to honor both Rousey’s talent and Swayze’s heritage.