This is the Monday Night Raw live report for May 2, 2016. Payback is in the books so join us here for all the fallout tonight. Is Raw big enough for Shane and Stephanie McMahon to coexist as show runners? Will AJ Styles and Roman Reigns go to new ‘Extremes’ tonight? How will Natalya respond to the ‘Chicago Screwjob’? Who will be next to challenge The Miz? What’s next for the tag team division?

The action kicks off at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on USA Network. We’ll have live updates and video highlights of all the action right here. Refresh your page often for updates.

* Stephanie opens the show and Shane soon joins her. She gives him a picture of he and their dad as a gift. Shane is about to announce his plans for the show tonight but is interrupted by Kevin Owens who says he wants his Intercontinental Title rematch tonight. Cesaro comes out and says he had Miz beat last night at Payback but the “resident whiner” (Owens) had to get involved. Shane matches them up and says the winner will get the next shot at the Intercontinental Title.

* Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro — This is a number one contender match for the Intercontinental Title. Miz and his wife are ringside. Match is called after Miz interferes and helps Owens whip up on Cesaro. Sami Zayn then comes out to help Cesaro and takes care of Miz and Owens. Sami picks up Miz’s Intercontinental Title to the cheers of the crowd afterward as Miz and his wife look on from the entrance ramp.

* Dean Ambrose tells Steph she’s slapped on a new smile but he’s not buying this new nice person act from her.

* R-Truth tries to teach Tyler Breeze how to rap backstage but Tyler is caught up looking at himself in his selfie stick held camera. Goldust confronts Tyler and Fandango comes to back him up.

* Roman Reigns and AJ Styles exchange words backstage. They will be involved in a 3-vs-3 match later tonight.

* Tyler Breeze vs. Goldust — Tyler rolls up Goldust for the pin.

* New Day announces that Enzo was released from the hospital after getting knocked out last night at Payback. The Vaudevillains interrupt and talk smack about Enzo but are soon interrupted themselves by The Dudley Boyz. Big Cas then comes out without his partner Enzo and says he’s going to finish what they started last night. Cas goes right  after the Vaudevillains.

* New Day, Big Cas vs. Vaudevillains, Dudley Boyz — Big Cas finishes D-Von with an East River Crossing.

* Emma vs. Becky Lynch — Emma lands a big slam on Becky then gets the pin.

* Ambrose Asylum segment. Stephanie is the guest and lets Dean ask her any question he wants. He asks her about getting speared by Roman Reigns and how it feels to have Shane back and running things. Dean rubs it in trying to get her to break this nice girl act. Stephanie officially ends the Ambrose Asylum segment for good and brings out Chris Jericho to fill the spot with The Highlight Reel. Ambrose and Jericho go at it and it ends after Jericho smashes a potted plant on the back of Ambrose’s head and he goes out.

* Battle Royal to determine no. 1 contender for U.S. Championship — Zack Ryder and Rusev end up as the final two. Ryder looks as if he’s about to win but Rusev counters and tosses him over the top rope to earn the no. 1 contender spot. Kalisto holds the U.S. Title and Rusev screams at him ringside. Lana comes out to celebrate with Rusev.

* Charlotte, with her father Ric Flair, calls out the referee who worked her match with Natalya last night. He says Nattie didn’t physically tap out but cried out in a verbal submission. Nattie comes out to confront Ric about bribing the ref at Payback. Nattie tosses Charlotte out of the ring then starts to go after Nattie. She slaps him and puts him in a Sharpshooter. Charlotte drags him out of the ring. Nattie takes Ric’s Rolex and ring and puts them on.

* Roman Reigns, The Usos vs. AJ Styles, Anderson, Gallows — Styles finishes Jey Uso with a forearm smash off the top rope. Anderson and Gallows then hold Reigns after the match and invite AJ to use a chair on him. AJ won’t do it and gets hit with a chair himself from the Usos. AJ then uses the chair on the Usos. Roman sees it and KO’s Syles with a Superman Punch and continues to work him over out on the floor.

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