wwe fail

Wrestlemania 32 had some good moments like Shane McMahon flying off the top of the cage, Charlotte becoming the first ever women’s champion to hold the new belt, and Bray Wyatt’s stellar promo. That’s about it.

Here is what the results of the matches that mattered looked like:

Kevin Owens Loses
AJ Styles Loses
New Day Loses
Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Lose
Dean Ambrose Loses
Shane McMahon Loses
and Roman Reigns Wins

Look at that closely.

Look again.

What do they have in common? WWE booked this event so that when Reigns finally defeated HHH we would want to cheer after getting robbed all night. All of the people we like, respect as being on top were buried so that Vinny Mac could shove John Cena 2.0 down our throats. Reigns – with no unique identity to call his own. He is still clinging to the Shield entrance and attire. Let him be himself and let us see how he fares.

The Dallas crowd was not behind the guy despite the intent of Stephanie McMahon’s promo to start HHH’s entrance. She called us “sheep” and to some extent she is right. We will watch just to see Ambrose, Ziggler, and people more deserving than Roman Reigns perform, probably lose, but perform.

Sorry Vince McMahon, your love for Roman Reigns does not mean we want him as a good guy. You could have booked him as a bad guy and won the world over. He could suck at promos and it wouldn’t matter, all the while honing his skills. His lack of wrestling ability wouldn’t matter because he would be protected. His lack of true “it” factor would have been okay because he was getting booed just like his cousin The Rock was as the top heel in WWE. The Rock, remember that guy Vince and where he is now?

They muted the audience. WWE actually muted the deafening boos of the Dallas crowd. What kind of denial is Vince in? It has to be the biggest, most stubborn denial in the history of WWE rivaling, maybe surpassing John Cena. You give the title to a guy who we cheer and not who you want us to cheer for. They also reportedly MIGHT have piped in cheers. Can you believe that crap? Any cheers were for the match being over.


Zack Ryder needs to drop the “Whoo whoo whoo” because it is absolutely stupid and will hinder the credibility of his run as IC champ, which will probably end tonight. The fans cheer him because he is not John Cena and not Roman Reigns, plus he deserves recognition.

AJ Styles losing made ZERO sense. Welcome to WWE AJ. Just ask Sting how that feels. RIP Styles’s career.

Dean Ambrose, who Vince reportedly hates for being more of a fan favorite than Reigns, was BURIED by Brock Lesnar. There was no redemption, reward, or rub that Dean got in this match. He was decimated despite some weapon offense and he continues to be buried.

RIP Bray Wyatt’s career. He came out, got a tremendous rub from the Rock, and delivered a magic, amazing, and top notch promo – just to be used as an excuse for John Cena’s return. Cena can’t help but defeat every promising prospect in WWE during his run as “Super Cena”. A big, big middle finger to WWE for ruining Wyatt. They should have had him challenge Rock for next Wrestlemania. Let Rock push him to heights Bray deserves. Instead we got robbed of Wyatt’s talent again.


Those were the biggest disappointments of the night.

Roman Reigns is here to stay folks. No matter how much we boo him they will not acknowledge it and shove him down our throats.


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