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Anderson Silva Rep wants Rematch with Michael Bisping, who has Eye on Nick Diaz 

Anderson “The Spider” Silva lost a close unanimous decision fight to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84 on Saturday. Before the fight, Bisping was the online sportsbetting underdog, but the Brit took the fight to Silva and won the controversial fight.

After the fight, Silva’s representative proposed a rematch, but this time, he wants the fight to take place in Brazil, which is Silva’s native country.

On Sunday, Ed Soares, who works as Silva’s translator and manager, posted a message on Instagram saying he didn’t agree with the decision and would like a rematch in Brazil. Soares also said if Silva won the rematch, the fighters should complete the trilogy with a fight in Las Vegas.

The first two rounds of Saturday’s main event were pretty even, but Silva came out swinging in the third round and at one point knocked Bisping almost completely out with a knee to the head. After knocking Bisping down, referee Herb Dean stepped in to signal the end of the round.

Silva thought he had won the fight, but Dean told him the fight was never stopped and ordered the fighters to continue. After the fight was restarted for the fourth round, Bisping hung in there and managed to land some big punches and was eventually named the winner on the judges’ scorecards.

Many fans believe Bisping won because the fight took place in England, but in fairness to him, be showed a lot of toughness by staying competitive even after his face got busted up. Anderson Silva also had plenty of opportunities to end the fight before it went to the judges, but he failed to capitalize on those opportunities.

Since the fight was so entertaining, fans are wondering if there will be a rematch. To be honest, it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon because Bisping seems to have his sights set on Nick Diaz, who took to Twitter to let Bisping know he was not impressed with his performance.

Apparently Bisping saw what Diaz wrote on Twitter and responded with a few choice words of his own. Bisping responded by telling Diaz not to be bitter because he defeated a fighter Diaz lost to.

Bisping dug in deeper by telling Diaz to spend his time worrying about his brother who is scheduled to fight Connor McGregor in a few days.

Bisping concluded his Twitter rant by saying he never had a problem with Diaz, but if Diaz had a problem with him, he would be more than happy to settle it in the octagon.

Diaz was recently reinstated in the UFC after failing a drug test after his fight with Anderson Silva. It was Diaz’s third failed test for marijuana, and he was initially suspended for five years. After an appeal, the suspension was reduced to 18 months, which is why he is back in the octagon.

When it comes to combat sports, calling out other fighters is nothing new. Bisping could use the opportunity to climb the middleweight ladder in hopes of getting a title shot because Diaz is a popular fighter and used to be the Strike Force welterweight champion.

Fighting Diaz might also be a better alternative to fighting Silva again because of the beating his face took at the hands of the former UFC middleweight champ.

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