Daniel Bryan will address the WWE Universe tonight on Monday Night Raw after announcing his retirement earlier today. Brock Lesnar will return. Keep an eye on more heat between Chris Jericho and AJ Styles. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks will get a chance to take their alliance to the next level. Ryback better watch his back against the Wyatt Family. All this and more on Monday Night Raw for Feb. 8, 2016.

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* A look back at Daniel Bryan’s career.

* Stephanie McMahon opens the show for a Triple Threat Match contract signing but as she begins to talk, chants of “Daniel Bryan” take over. Steph promos Fastlane but is interrupted by Intercontinental champ Dean Ambrose who wants to get the contract signing started. Roman Reigns comes out next and is ready to get started as well. Steph then introduces the third participant, Brock Lesnar. Everyone signs the contracts and Steph says, “My business here is done” and leaves. Heyman takes over the mic for a Lesnar promo. Ambrose and Reigns stare Brock down as the crowd chants “Suplex City”. Ambrose gets in Brock’s face but ends up getting F5’d and Reigns got knocked out of the ring with the table. HHH walks on stage with the heavyweight belt on his shoulder and stares Lesnar down to end the segment. The winner of the Triple Threat Match will face HHH for the HW title at WrestleMania.

* Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler — After avoiding a Cannonball from Owens, Ziggler uses the ropes to get the pin. Owens attempted to do it to him earlier in the match.

* Dudley Boyz and Usos form an alliance and want to challenge New Day to a tables match. Turns out it will be an 8-man tables match and one more WWE superstar will join with New Day for it.

* Charlotte vs. Alicia Fox — Charlotte submits her with a Figure 8.

* Miz TV segment. He looks back at what happened when he had AJ Styles on last week. Chris Jericho interrupts and takes over with a Highlight Reel segment much to Miz’s displeasure. AJ comes out and the distraction sets up a cheap shot on Jericho from Miz. He goes after AJ too but AJ and Jericho team up on Miz and beat him down.

* Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt — Bray finishes Ryback with a Sister Abigail, then the whole family beats him down and leaves him laying out on the floor. Bray gives a “follow the buzzards” promo over Ryback’s fallen body.

* Adam Rose (with Social Outcasts) vs. Titus O’Neil — After getting tossed around like a rag doll by Titus, Adam Rose is able to roll Titus up for the pin. He escapes with the rest of the Outcasts afterward.

* Dean Ambrose takes to the ring and calls out Brock saying, “He must have gone soft.” He keeps poking the bear until he gets what he wants. Lesnar and Heyman make their way out. Lesnar laughing since he already F5’d Ambrose earlier tonight. Ambrose goes right after him but it’s not looking good for The Lunatic Fringe. Lesnar flattens him with another F5. As he is about to exit the ramp though, Ambrose calls him back for more. Lesnar enters the ring and Reigns then makes his way out. The distraction allows Ambrose to hit Brock with a low blow from behind. He then gets out of there while he can.

* Alberto Del Rio, Rusev vs. Lucha Dragons — Del Rio finish Kalisto with a double stomp off the ropes.

* Tamina (with Naomi) vs. Becky Lynch — Sasha Banks is ringside. Tamina works over Becky then yells at Sasha ringside. Naomi attacks Sasha. Becky helps out Sasha but when she gets back in the ring she eats a super kick from Tamina for the finish.

* Dudley Boyz, Usos vs New Day, Mark Henry — Dudleys put Big E through the table to win the match.

* Daniel Bryan comes out to address the WWE Universe regarding his retirement. He cites concussions as the main reason for his retirement. He had a recent test that showed he may not be doing as well as he thought.

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