Here’s the Top 1000 mixed martial arts fighters in the world

jon jones-fighter of the yearI really suck at math. I used to cheat on my math tests in military school by keeping a tiny rolled up cheat sheet in my sleeve. My roommate Jon Green showed me that trick. It worked too and I passed. But now I suck at math and who the hell knows what happened to Jon Green. Thank goodness the guys over at didn’t cheat on their math tests, because if they had they likely would have never created the elaborate algorithms it takes to rank practically everything mixed martial arts. No really. Like The Top 10 Promotion ListThe Top Non-UFC FightersWomen’s MMA Rankings and more.

And this, an exhaustive list of the current Top 1000 Pound-For-Pound Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the world.

pound for pound_scorecardmma

That’s just the first 20, view the full list of the Top 1000 Pound-For-Pound MMA fighters here and let us know what you think. Do you agree, is Jon Jones number one? Do you understand ScorecardMMA’s algorithms? Do you care? Is there a fighter’s name not on there that should be? Let us know.