Kimbo Slice’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ is something to behold

kimbo-1Kimbo Slice took time out of training for his upcoming fight in Bellator with Dada 5000 to take part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) over at Reddit.

Slice dished on topics like the toughest opponent he ever fought. “My wife.. u feel me?” Kimbo answered. He also revealed he was bullied as a kid.

The street fighter even gave what looks to be a pretty incredible BBQ recipe.

“lightly season the wings, special sauce, cinnamon sugar, marinade overnight. slice up a decent amount of cayenne pepper black pepper a pinch of sea salt. bbq on the grill or deep fried then immediately glaze it with honey and lemon and serve.”

Be on the lookout for some Kimbo Spice BBQ rub!

Kimbo also showed interest in a possible career in the WWE. He said he’s going to try and break Dada’s jaw and ribs. He played as Herschel Walker in Tecmo Bowl.

Asked what MMA fighter active or retired he would most like to fight if weight classes didn’t matter, Kimbo said Brock Lesnar.

He talked about being in the Drake and Josh movie. And a few moments later talked about knocking that dude’s eye out in one of his most famous street fights ever. This is it if you never saw it.

Kimbo said his favorite submission was “missionary”. Hmmmm. I’ll leave that alone.

Kimbo was asked what advice he would give to someone in a street fight.

“Always swing first and aim for that chin.”

I got in one question for Kimbo and then that was it. He was done. He was gone as quickly as he came, probably kicked back at some gated Miami mansion with his famous beard glistening in the South Florida heat.

kimbo beard reddit ama

View the full AMA with Kimbo Slice on Reddit.

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