UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has been in some battles during his 13-0 pro career. The 31-year-old Baldwin, New Yorker has been in the cage with the best of them and will face maybe his toughest test to date when he meets up with Luke Rockhold on Dec. 12 at UFC 194.

The Champ was on HuffPost Live on Friday and was asked about his worst injuries. He mentioned a broken collar bone but the host wanted to know about how he protected his nether regions. This led to one of the funniest stories ever, with Chris recounting the time he got his penis stuck in his zipper at school and had to be stretchered out in front of all his classmates and teachers because of it.

“I actually got my penis caught in my zipper when I was in first grade,” Weidman stated. … “I became a UFC fighter, but the worst thing that comes to my head instantly is my penis getting caught in my zipper… that was the worst thing ever.”

It went from bad to worse in that New York grade school bathroom for the future UFC champion.

“The paramedics come in… They can’t get it off, they’re looking at each other like, ‘I can’t believe this.’ Then they cut my jeans off completely to where only things left [are] the zipper and me naked, including all my teachers and principal, everyone looking at me when I’m naked. It was terrible. Then they put me on the stretcher and of course the bell rings in the school, so everybody comes out of their classes and I;m going out on a stretcher and everyone’s like, ‘What’s wrong with him!?'”

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, Weidman added that his older brother spread probably the worst rumor ever for a young man’s confidence.

“And then my brother, who is three years older than me, told everybody that obviously my penis got caught on my zipper and they had to amputate my penis. So until I was in sixth grade, everyone thought I had no penis… So in sixth grade I was just kind of whipping it out everywhere, like, ‘Look at me! I have one!’ once I gained the confidence to pull it out.”

Amputated penis? School must have been a nightmare. It’s good to see the Champ has moved on from this traumatic event and hopefully he can keep his nether regions protected until his title defense against Rockhold. We’d hate to see the Champ have to pull out of a fight because of a wardrobe malfunction. The MMA world is not ready for “Zippergate”. No way.

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