John Cena will extend his U.S. Open Challenge once again, but who will accept the call? Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt will clash at Hell in a Cell on Oct. 25, so expect heat between these two as the date draws near. Brock Lesnar just dispatched Big Show at Madison Square Garden and as he gets ready for The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell look for The Beast Incarnate to make his presence known on Raw. What’s next in Kane’s plans for Seth Rollins as he continues to torment The Architect? All this and more tonight on Raw.

PMN will provide live updates and video highlights of Monday Night Raw coinciding with the USA Network broadcast at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT).


* Lesnar opens the show with Paul Heyman. Heyman cuts a promo about Brock’s upcoming rematch with The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell. Big Show finally interrupts the less than spectacular promo. Unfortunately for him he gets taken back to Suplex City and then hit with an F5.

* Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman — Orton RKO’s Harper, this sets up a Spear finish from Reigns.

* Sheamus vs. Neville — Neville eats a Brogue Kick after getting distracted by Barrett who had been on guest commentary. This sets up the pin for Sheamus.

* Kane announces Seth Rollins’ partner for tonight will be himself as they face The Dudley Boyz. Stephanie McMahon comes out and says Rollins and Demon Kane will face off at Hell in a Cell for the heavyweight championship. If Demon Kane loses, Corporate Kane is out of a job.

* Paige vs. Natalya — Nattie submits Paige with a Sharp Shooter.

* Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara (with Kalisto) — Owens with a Pop-Up Power Bomb for the finish. Owens goes to Power Bomb Kalisto after the match by Ryback comes out and runs him off.

* Steph tells New Day backstage they will defend their Tag Team Titles against The Dudley Boyz at Hell in a Cell.

* Seth Rollins, Kane vs. The Dudley Boyz — Kane gets knocked out of the ring and is injured again. Officials help him backstage, so you know what this is setting up. The Dudley’s go to get a table to put Rollins through but Rollins kicks it out of their hands before they can bring it in the ring. There’s a disqualification because of the table. Demon Kane comes out at this time and ambushes Rollins, but the Dudley Boyz hit a 3-D on Kane and leave him laying in the ring. Rollins sets up a table and goes for Kane. Kane ends up choke slamming Rollins through the table to end the segment. Pyros blast off.

* Team BAD and Team Bella exchange insults. The best though was Nikki calling them Team Ratchet. Then the match starts. Sasha Banks submits Alicia Fox with a Bank Statement.

* Summer Rae introduces Rusev then plays a video montage of some of their memories together. She then gets down on one knee and offers a ring to Rusev asking him if he will marry her. She calls him “Ru Ru”. After some thinking Rusev says yes. “But not yet.” He says when he has the WWE Heavyweight Title around his waist Summer will have gold around her finger.

* John Cena issues U.S. Title open challenge. Dolph Ziggler’s music starts but before he comes out he’s hijacked by New Day and they drag him out onto the  ramp and leave him there. Big E takes Ziggler’s spot against Cena and the match begins. Cena finishes Big E with an AA then Kofi and Xavier attack Cena. The Dudley Boyz come out to help but also get beat down by New Day as the show ends.


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