Josh Barnett
Josh Barnett

So Chael Sonnen announced to the world earlier this week that he was competing against UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett at Metamoris. The match was going to be so intense on another plane of existence that only Sonnen could see it.

Barnett had no idea what he was talking about and denied any involvement in said hallucinatory match.Barnett’s manager said Barnett has no plans to ever compete at Metamoris again. Leland Lebarre, said:

“Josh has no plans to wrestle Chael at the upcoming Metamoris or any future plans to compete at Metamoris. Period.”

“Josh Barnett fights exclusively for the UFC and Mr. White, Mr. Fertitta and Mr. Silva. Anything ancillary is just that. Josh fights Roy Nelson in a week and a half.”

Barnett is/was the Metamoris heavyweight champion. Barnett vs.  Roy Nelson  will take place Sept. 26 in Saitama, Japan.

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