ronda rousey on ellenUFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ show “Ellen” on Monday. The champ discussed her sensitive side and to no one’s surprise revealed she’s the highest paid fighter in the UFC. “It’s fun to say,” Rousey stated about her top earner status.

Rousey also talked about her new book “My Fight / Your Fight” and more. On a final note, the champ was at a disagreement with Ellen about her “walkout face”. You know the one. That mean mug that Ellen described as “angry”. Rousey said she didn’t think it was an angry face, but rather her “focused” look. Ellen insisted, “No, it’s angry.” We agree Ellen.

Rousey (12-0) will defend her title on Nov. 15 in Melbourne, Australia when she takes on unbeaten MMA fighter and former boxing champion Holly Holm (9-0) in the UFC 193 main event.

Rousey also demonstrated some of her judo moves on a volunteer who works for Ellen. Take a look below.

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