nick diaz_nsacNick Diaz was suspended five years by the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday for a failed drug test for marijuana in January when he fought Anderson Silva at UFC 183. Diaz was also fined 33 percent of his $500,000 fight purse which amounts to $165,000. It’s a harsh penalty but it was Diaz’s third offense for marijuana in the state. Rightly or wrongly marijuana is on the banned substances list and Diaz has to play by the rules if he wants to compete.

In this video interview shot with the Stockton brawler immediately after the hearing he opens up about who he is and why he fights and how he feels about the decision from the suits to take away his ability to earn a living by fighting for the next five years. Diaz plans to appeal the decision but it’s not likely to make any difference. He will be 36-years-old when he’s able to fight again.

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