wwe raw logoWhat will happen between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, and Kane and Big Show after their Tag Team Turmoil fallout on Thursday’s SmackDown? Pro wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes will appear on Raw tonight to try and fix the family feud between his sons, Gold and Stardust. Will Dean Ambrose finally catch up to Bad News Barrett and his Intercontinental Title? Will John Cena get payback against Rusev after the Russian strongman worked him over at SmackDown? What’s next between Triple H and Sting as they’re scheduled to meet at Fastlane?

All this and more tonight on Monday Night Raw (2/16/15) from Orlando, Fla.

PMN will provide live match results, updates and video highlights of all the action.


  • Cena opens the show hyping up his upcoming Fastlane match against Rusev. Rusev comes out and Cena works him over good outside the ring and leaves him lying on the floor saying, “You think you’re untouchable? Every man can be beat.” Cena will challenge Rusev for his U.S. Title at Sunday’s WWE Fastlane PPV.
  • Ambrose needs to try and get Barrett to sign the contract for their scheduled Fastlane Intercontinental Title Match before Sunday.
  • Dusty Rhodes convinces his sons Gold & Stardust to shake hands, saying that family is most important. Stardust helps him up then smashes him face first to the canvas DDT style and leaves him laying in the ring. Dusty can’t be happy with that.
  • HHH comes out to cut a promo for his Sting challenge. Ric Flair makes an appearance and warns HHH not to take Sting lightly and don’t put himself in a position to fail. HHH tells Flair he doesn’t need a history lesson from him. HHH ends up pushing Flair down, saying when he’s done with Sting he’ll never show his face in WWE again, then walks off. Flair believes Sting is in HHH’s head.


  • Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper — Bryan rallies with a clothesline and Dirty Deeds for the pin.
  • Gold & Stardust vs. New Day — Xavier Woods takes advantage of Goldust distracting Stardust and flattens him with a head kick, then the pin.
  • Roman Reigns vs. Kane — Daniel Bryan ringside with guest commentary. Reigns spears Kane on the arena floor and Kane is counted out. Bryan starts a “Yes” chant after the match. These two will meet on Sunday’s PPV.
  • Paige vs. Summer Rae — Paige wore one of the Rosebuds’ outfits because she didn’t have her normal outfit. Paige taps out Summer Rae with the PTO (Paige Tap Out).
  • Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler — Ziggler with a Super Kick and a Zig Zag, and is about to pin Rollins when J&J Security interfere and cause Rollins’ disqualification. Ryback comes out to help and slams one of the security goons. Erick Rowan also comes in to show support.
  • The Ascension vs. Darren Young, Local Wrestler — Konnor and Viktor smash Young and his partner quickly. Titus O’Neil comes out to help and runs The Ascension off. O’Neil and Young are reunited as the Prime Time Players as their theme music plays.
  • Bad News Barrett vs. Damien Mizdow — Miz is ringside, and has asked Barrett to knock Mizdow down a few pegs. Miz says he will take care of Dean Ambrose for Barrett in return. Miz causes a distraction for Mizdow, threatening to fire him, this allows Barrett to smash him with a Bull Hammer and gets the pin. Ambrose rushes the ring afterward and smashes Barrett into the post shoulder-first. He then zip ties his hands to the post and holds the Fastlane contract up in front of him and forces Barrett to sign it.
  • Natalya, Tyson Kidd vs. Naomi, Jimmy Uso — First husband & wife vs. husband & wife tag team match. Nattie’s going for the pin but Naomi rolls her over for her own pin. Kidd tells Nattie afterward she should’ve gone with the Sharpshooter.
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show — As it looks like Bryan is about to finish Big Show by coming off the top rope, Reigns interferes and lands a Superman Punch on Big Show causing Bryan to be disqualified. Bryan then comes off the ropes on Reigns with a drop kick that knocks him out the ring. Reigns comes back in and gives a few shoulder smashes in the corner before tossing him through the ropes. Bryan rushes back in and they continue to brawl in and out of the ring until they are finally separated. Reigns is bleeding from his mouth. That closes Raw for the night. These two will settle this at Fastlane on Sunday.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Dusty Rhodes tries to reconcile Gold & Stardust

Roman Reigns vs. Kane

Paige vs. Summer Rae

Ric Flair warns HHH about Sting

Damien Mizdow vs. Bad News Barrett

Prime Time Players reunite

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Jimmy Uso, Naomi vs. Tyson Kidd, Natalya

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show


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