UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Enters Rehab

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Enters Rehab

It was recently revealed that MMA fighter and UFC legend Jon Jones has entered rehab after testing positive for benzoylecgonine, a cocaine metabolite. Jones is regularly cited by pundits as the best light heavyweight champion of all time and he has managed to defend his belt on eight occasions during his relatively young career. Despite not having a completely clean image, the revelation of Jones testing positive for an illegal substance therefore sent shockwaves through the MMA community.

A Gamble That Didn’t Pay Off

Having withdrawn from MMA events for the foreseeable future, Jones’ rehab stint has also seen his legions of punting fans having their bets returned to them. Indeed, this disappearance of one of the MMA’s most bankable competitors could lead to a surge in other forms of online gambling. Millions of disappointed UFC fans could now be pressing the ‘click to access the site’ button to various online casinos powered by Microgaming or free Microgaming online slots. On these sites they can gamble on real money casino bonuses in Jones’ absence. However, this is not the first time that Jones’ reckless actions have threatened his career. In 2012, Jones was irresponsibly driving his Bentley in upstate New York in the early hours of the morning. He then drove his car into a pole, totaling the vehicle, and was arrested by police at the scene for driving under the influence.

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The Best of the Best

Despite these controversial incidents, Jones’ career has been incredibly successful and showed no signs of slowing down. That was until the shock announcement of his rehab stint. The 27-year-old’s career began properly in March 2011, when he became the youngest UFC champion in history. Jones is a black belt in Gaidojutsu and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and has an overall pro MMA record of 21-1. In a further indication of his ability, nine of those wins came via knockout and six through submission. Jones’ only loss as a professional came in 2008 and that was by disqualification.

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The Only Way Is Up

Whilst it is undeniably sad to hear of Jones’ rehab stint, the still young MMA fighter has plenty of time to return. The father of three, who is trained by Greg Jackson, is known for his determination, resilience and focus in the ring. If Jones can apply these same attributes to his recovery, it is likely that he will defeat his demons as soundly as he beats his opponents.

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