This one of the best clips of the year. The movie ‘The Interview’ may have sucked hard, but it did provide us with a hilarious Eminem moment. Even though some haters are claiming that this is Eminem coming out of the closet without officially coming out of the closet we see it for what it is. A funny bit where Slim Shady gets to tell viewers of a fake talk show he is homosexual. For more information, News and Eminem Net Worth you can visit

The Interview was written by Evan Goldberg, Dan Sterling, and Seth Rogen; and while the movie does include cameos from celebrities such Eminem and Guy Fieri playing themselves, the events that take place in the film are completely fictional. One could arrive at this conclusion through various aspects of the movie’s plot (e.g., the tabloid show Skylark Tonight doesn’t exist, Kim Jong-Un was not assassinated by Seth Rogen and James Franco).

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