Dana White says JDS may be done for quite a while

dana white sorry

The term “war” gets thrown around a lot in MMA. Heck, Clay Guida even predicts his own fights are never going to a finish in every pre-fight promo. “It’s going to be a war”, he states. Here’s the thing to all who don’t know why the term “war” is important – it’s usually something that precipitates a fight of the night bonus. Let’s be honest, a fight that lasts one and a half rounds will usually not be considered fight of the night because it went to a finish prompting submission, or knockout of the night bonuses. There are downsides to wars though just ask JDS.

After Junior Dos Santos pulled off a decent decision win over Stipe Miocic it seemed like he was next in line for the winner of Cain Velasquez vs. interim heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum. That’s simply not the case. Dana made a point to reference the ridiculous tendency JDS has for facial swelling and the amount of punishment received in his win as reason to doubt a return anytime soon. He had some pointed words about the future of JDS.

That was the right decision. But let me tell you what: [dos Santos] slowed down a lot, he took some big shots tonight. His eye starts to swell up and his cheekbones start to swell up and that was early. If that was a three-round fight, Stipe wins that fight. Junior got busted up early and the guy has so much heart. He just keeps coming. No matter what you hit this guy with, no matter how hard you hit him, he just keeps moving forward. He’s so hard to put away. Where does this put him right now? I don’t know, Werdum is going to fight Cain Velasquez, and then we’ll see where we go from there. After the fight tonight… I‘m no doctor, but I don’t see Junior fighting anytime soon.

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