You read that right. 62 year old Mickey Rourke is making his boxing comeback at 62 years old. Rourke is set to fight 29-year-old Elliot Seymour on November 28. They will take center stage ahead of a match between Russia’s Ruslan Provodnikov and Jose Luis Castillo of Mexico, Sovetsky Sport reported.

Rourke reportedly made his reasons clear to the promoters.

Boxing is a serious part of my life. It taught me respect and determination, patience and concentration. I always dreamed of fighting a match in Russia.

Elliot Seymour

Seymour taking the fight is a feat in and of itself. 62 years old is the life span for a lot of Americans and let’s face it, Rourke has done some serious drugs in the past. If something were to happen to Mickey in the ring Elliot would be known as the guy who killed one of America’s favorite comeback actors. That is likely not going to happen, but it is a lose-lose for him besides the fact that he is getting some serious publicity. He either wins by beating up a 62 year old man or worse loses to an old man.

Freakshow? Yes. Will we watch it? Most assuredly.

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