RAW Join us tonight for WWE Monday Night Raw live results, updates and video highlights. Expect appearances from Roman Reigns, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Brie Bella, Paige, Big Show, Rusev and more.

Here we go with #RAWBrooklyn…

Seth Rollins walks to the ring carrying his Money In The Bank briefcase and rants about being disrespected by Ambrose and Cena. Cena runs in and runs Rollins out of the ring. Rollins is in the audience and doesn’t see Ambrose walk up next to him. Cena and Ambrose attack Rollins. Rollins finally escapes and Stephanie McMahon and HHH come out and ask the crowd if they’d like to see Cena and Ambrose get their hands on Seth Rollins? The crowd reacts positively and HHH says they will get to see it tonight in a handicap match with Ambrose, Kane and Randy Orton vs. Ambrose and Cena.

The Usos / Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro / Gold and Stardust

Cesaro and Gold and Stardust dominating the match, but Cesaro unable to pin Jey. Goldust tags in and can’t get the pin either. Both Usos have been worked over so far in the match. Dolph still hasn’t been tagged in. Jey bounces back and takes down Goldust. He gets to Dolph, who comes in and cleans house and puts Cesaro in a sleeper. Cesaro drives him to the corner, but Dolph hits him with a big slam but can’t get the pin. Usos fly over the top rope and take out Gold and Stardust on the floor. Cesaro uppercuts Dolph but he can’t get the pin. Stardust comes in and almost pins Ziggler. Jimmy and Jey come in and hit Stardust with a three-way kick. Jimmy gets to the top rope and comes down on Stardust and gets the pin. Good match.

RESULT: Jimmy Uso pins Stardust

Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

Henry battering Dallas. Takes him out of the ring, slams him into the barricade and almost slams him on the announcers table, but Dallas escapes and gets back in the ring before Henry, who’s left ringside and gets counted out. That’s three straight wins for Dallas against Henry. That’s a lucky man.

RESULT: Bo Dallas wins after Mark Henry is counted out


Dean Ambrose calls out John Cena saying they need to settle their differences over Seth Rollins once and for all. Ambrose says what they have in common is they don’t care what people think, but he’d be glad to drop Cena and take on the Authority by himself. Cena reminds him what happened the last time he tried that (curb stomped). Cena tells Ambrose he has guts, but don’t give him a reason not to like him. Ambrose starts twitching like the lunatic he is, then says he’s kind of hungry and is headed to Coney Island. He throws the mic down and leaves the ring as Cena stands there looking dumbfounded. After the break HHH is seen talking to Cena backstage about Ambrose taking off, and Cena says he’ll take on Rollins, Kane and Orton by himself. HHH says he’ll let Rollins start the match so he can at least get a piece of him even though it’s 3-on-1.

Summer Rae vs. Brie Bella – handicap match

Brie has to fight this match with one hand tied behind her back. Summer Rae starts strong but Brie slams her into Nikki who is ringside. This ties her up in the ropes. Brie runs at her from across the ring and puts a knee right in her face, then pins her. Nikki can’t believe it. Brie does the “Yes” chant in honor of her husband.

RESULT: Brie Bella pins Summer Rae

Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd

Shoulder Smash from Swagger. Tyson leaves the ring and hides behind Nattie. While Swagger is distracted Tyson kicks him in the face. He puts him back in the ring then starts working him over, hits him with a neckbreaker. Then a spinning back kick to the groin. Swagger comes back and hits a Swagger Bomb. Tyson escapes a Patriot Lock and kicks Swagger in the head. He goes to the top rope but Swagger grabs him and throws him to the mat, then locks up the Patriot Lock for the tap out. Tyson and Nattie don’t look happy with one another.

RESULT: Jack Swagger submits Tyson Kidd


Roman Reigns says he’s getting better after his emergency surgery in Nashville and plans to be back soon. No timetable given as to when that might be.

Los Matadores/El Torito vs. Heath Slater/Titus O’Neil/Gator

Gator and the little Bull (El Torito) start the match. Bull covers Gator’s head so he can’t see. When Slater comes in and removes the cover Gator puts him in a Gator-roll. El Torito backflips off the top rope onto Gator and pins him. That’s it.

RESULT: El Torito pins Gator


The Rock

Big Show has been sent to sensitivity training for ripping down the Russian flag and his comments last week. Rusev and Lana come out. Lana says it’s Putin’s birthday and tells the fans to stand up and show respect for Rusev. She says Big Show should be in prison for ripping down the flag and because the people support him they should also be in prison for a hate crime. The crowd chants “USA”. Lana tells them to shut up and tells Rusev to let them know what he plans to do to Big Show. Rusev calls Big Show out, saying he’s “scared” and a “coward” and he should come out. … No sign of Big Show but we do have The Rock! And the arena goes nuts!

Rock gets into the ring, takes off his coat revealing a “Just Bring It” Nike shirt. Rock gets on the mic and rips Rusev a new one, talking about him pulling his shorts up to his nipples showing off his “moose knuckle”. Rock tells Lana she needs to stop dressing like a Soviet street-walker. Rusev warns Rock he needs to leave now. He tells Rusev his breath smells like Chewbacca’s hairy bean bag. He tells Lana she’s smokin but it’s too bad she’s walking around here like she has a Smirnoff bottle shoved up her Putin. Rock says they boo them because they’re a couple of international a-holes. Rock goes off with several punches that knock Rusev over the top rope. Rusev doesn’t want any as Rock tries to goad him back in the ring.

Paige/Alicia Fox vs. AJ Lee/Emma

AJ looks annoyed with Emma already. AJ sends Alica into Paige, knocking them both onto the floor. She slams Paige into the announcers table. AJ tags Emma who gets thrown out of the ring by Alicia. Emma with an Emma roll up and tries to pin Alicia. Emma working over Alicica, and AJ just leaves with her belt, annoyed Emma is not tagging her in. Paige comes in and hits Emma with a Rampaige, then pins her. AJ is long gone.

RESULT: Alicia Fox pins Emma

Miz vs. Sheamus

Some back and forth before Sheamus slams Miz hard. Miz gets on the ropes but jumps off straight into a punch. Sheamus runs into a kick in the corner. Miz escapes a Brogue kick by rolling out of the ring. … Back from break and Miz is working over Sheamus in the corner with elbows, then kicks to the face. Sheamus kicks out quickly from an attempted pin. Ref is talking to Miz when Mizdow hits Sheamus from outside the ring. Miz still can’t pin him. Sheamus coming back now and working over Miz in the corner, picks him up for a huge slam. Sheamus hits Mizdow with a Brogue Kick, this allows Miz to roll Sheamus from underneath and steal the win with the pin.

RESULT: Miz pins Sheamus

John Cena vs. Randy Orton/Kane/Seth Rollins

Cena is left to fend for himself after Ambrose took off to Coney Island. Rollins vs. Cena to start, but Rollins tags out immediately to Kane before Cena can get his hands on him. Cena working over Kane, then hits Rollins who is standing ringside. This allows Kane to attack him, then tag in Orton who hits him with a powerslam but can’t pin him. Kane back in and hurts Cena, then tags in Rollins to take on the wounded. Rollins works him over some more then comes off the top rope on him. A headbutt and leaves him in the ropes. Cena comes off with a clothesline, a couple shoulder tackles, then Kane and Orton ambush him and are disqualified. Choke slam from Kane. … Cue the music. Ambrose shows up with a Coney Island street vendor hot dog cart. And starts eating a hot dog. Kane and Orton come out of the ring and it’s a staredown. Ambrose sprays them with mustard and ketchup, pushes the cart into them then goes after Rollins. Kane and Orton jump in and it’s an all out war with Cena and Ambrose vs. Kane, Orton and Rollins. Rollins is busted up and gets relish and all the condiments poured on him. Ambrose then takes a pair of tongs to Rollins’ balls. Rollins and the rest escape and HHH and Steph come out. HHH says Cena and Ambrose will fight each other at Hell in a Cell, and the winner will get to face Rollins at Hell in a Cell. Ambrose immediately goes after Cena and hits him with a Dirty Deeds. It has begun!

RESULT: John Cena wins by DQ


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