Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus are lined up to battle The Miz and Damien Mizdow. After the WWE issued an apology, Big Show will speak on pulling the Russian flag down. John Cena will be back after getting curb stomped by Seth Rollins at RAW. With the Usos taking on Slater-Gator, something tells me the Bunny will be hopping back into action. Also, former Divas champ Paige will clash with Naomi. All this and much more tonight on WWE’s Smackdown.

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John Cena opens the show talking to the fans about losing to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and how some of his fellow wrestlers were saying he should retire. Then when he had his opportunity to beat Lesnar and pay him back at RAW, Seth Rollins intervened. Cena calls out Rollins and says he will have to go through him if he really believes he’s the “future of the WWE”.

Rollins does not come out at this point. Instead, Dean Ambrose walks out. Ambrose informs Cena he is also after Rollins, and says he got in his way Monday night. Cena offers his hand in a truce, and whoever gets to Rollins first gets him. At this point Randy Orton, Kane and Rollins appear on the Titantron. Kane and Orton challenge Cena and Ambrose to a tag team match for later tonight.

Dolph Ziggler / Sheamus vs. Miz / Mizdow

Miz and Sheamus open the match. Miz ends up tagging out and Sheamus is working over Mizdow. He then tosses Miz over the top ropes. Sheamus gives Mizdow 10 Beats, then comes off the top turnbuckle onto both of them on the floor. .. Back from break and Miz hits a backbreaker on Sheamus. Mizdow working over Sheamus now. Miz back in and working him over before getting clotheslined. They both tag out. Ziggler hits two clotheslines and a neckbreaker on Mizdow, then a DDT before Miz saves Mizdow from getting pinned. Sheamus takes care of Miz momentarily. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Mizdow and gets the pin.

RESULT: Dolph Ziggler pins Mizdow

Sheamus smashes Mizdow with a chair following the match.

Paige vs. Naomi

Piage knocks Naomi to the canvas with a kick right off the bat. Naomi comes back though and is giving Paige the business with her acrobatic moves, and even takes down Alicia Fox who is in Paige’s corner. Paige hits a counter and locks Naomi up in a PTO (Paige Tap Out) and it’s awesome. Naomi taps.

RESULT: Paige submits Naomi via PTO

AJ Lee comes out afterward and throws the smackdown on Alicia Fox. Paige is hiding behind the announcers table and says AJ is “crazy”.


Big Show comes out in a suit to speak on him pulling down the Russian flag on Monday’s RAW. He says maybe his national pride got the better of him. He likes the majority of Russian people he has met. “What if someone did that to us,” Big Show asks. He says he “sincerely” apologizes to the Russian people he offended. Cue the music… Here comes Rusev with flag in hand and Lana in tow. “This act of attrition does not appease us,” Lana says. “Rusev and I demand a personal apology.” The crowd chanting “USA”. Big Show says he disrespected them both on purpose and refuses to give a personal apology to them. Rusev then attacks him with the flag and beats him down, ending with a kick to the face. Rusev waving the flag around as Big Show makes his way to his feet and takes his suit jacket and shirt off. Rusev and Lana don’t want any and exit.


The Usos vs. Heath Slater / Titus O’Neil (Slater-Gator)

Jey and Slater start it off. He’s working over Jey, then also takes out Jimmy ringside. The Bunny makes an appearance ringside now and is fighting with the Gator. This distracts Titus and Heath and Usos double dropkick them. Bunny throws the Gator in the ring and the Usos and the Bunny all come off the top ropes onto their opponents and pin them at the same time.

RESULT: Usos (and Bunny) pin Slater-Gator

Cesaro vs. R-Truth

Cesaro battering him in the corner, then slams him with a gut wrench. R-Truth hits the counter and flips him over his head. Cesaro comes back by dropping R-Truth open-legged on to the top rope, then hitting the Neutralizer. He then pins him.

RESULT: Cesaro pins R-Truth

Randy Orton / Kane vs. John Cena / Dean Ambrose

Ambrose working over Orton to start but can’t get the pin and tags in Cena. Cena hits a bulldog and a suplex and Orton tags in Kane. Cena tags Ambrose and they double suplex Kane but can’t pin him. Kane roughs up Ambrose with a shoulder tackle. Orton tagged in and working over Ambrose before getting clotheslined, then Cena and Ambrose split his legs apart (crotch ripper). Orton giving Cena the business, but Cena comes back with a big slam, can’t get the pin and tosses Orton, then Kane out of the ring. Ambrose flies through the ropes on to both of them. … Ambrose working over Kane after commercial break. Orton tags in and stomps Ambrose several times. Orton throws him out of the ring. Tries to slam his head into the announcers table but Ambrose counters him and slams his head into it. Orton then hits a counter and slams Ambrose into the stairs. He can’t get the pin though. Orton runs into a Ambrose foot and goes down. Ambrose comes off the ropes on him, but hurts himself too. Kane tags in and gives Ambrose a big forearm and punishes him some more until finally Ambrose hits a counter clothesline and takes Kane down. Cena sees Rollins and goes after him, leaving Ambrose alone in the ring. Ambrose goes off on Orton and then Kane, but Kane hits him with the DDT, then goes for the RKO. Ambrose counters, goes for a DDT but Kane hits him with a kick to the face, Orton comes in too and they are disqualified. Ambrose gets RKO’d and Cena rushes back to his knocked out partner as Kane and Orton exit. Rollins also comes out and they’re all laughing.

RESULT: Cena and Ambrose def. Orton and Kane by DQ


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