247px-Hulk_HoganIf you’ve been around MMA for some time, you’ve likely heard of David Bollea, aka “King David Hogan”, who has often marketed himself as Hulk Hogan’s nephew. He’s fought for such promotions as XFC and Tachi Palace Fights and holds a pro MMA record of 3-2.

He’s now pitching a new reality show entitled “My Girlfriend Wants a Girlfriend” in which 16 girls compete to become the mistress of he and his bisexual girlfriend.

But according to TMZ, the Hulkster is threatening legal action:

But Hulk is PISSED — telling TMZ Sports he barely knows the guy and can’t believe he would try to cash in on the Hogan name without permission.

“I’ve only met him twice in my entire life … he knows nothing about the Hogan family, the Hogan name and has no right to use it,” Hulk says.

And now for the threat … “I will pursue legal action against him for diminishing the Hogan brand.”

Check out Bollea talking about the show in this video:


Video description:

King David Hogan is a professional MMA fighter looking for love. There’s only one problem. He’s already in love. He’s got a girlfriend. She’s bisexual and that means things are about to get very interesting.

16 bisexual girls and lesbians come together to fight for love. They’re competing for the affection of Professional MMA Fighter King David Hogan and his bisexual girlfriend. 

Is this a show you would watch? And what do you think of the Hulkster distancing himself from Bollea who appears to be trying to cash in on the Hogan name?


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