Hello wrestling fans. Teddy Turnbuckle is back with some inside info on a huge announcement set to air on WWE Friday Smackdown tomorrow night.

Monday night on Raw Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins competed in a beat the clock competition for the privilege of deciding the type of match they would compete in at SummerSlam. Ambrose proceeded to defeat the very tough Alberto Del Rio, bad shoulder and all, when he stunned the former WWE champion with a Dirty Deeds headlock driver at the 15:42 mark.

Seth Rollins was scheduled to compete against RVD in his beat the clock challenge match. The Authority changed his opponent at the last minute, sending Heath Slater to the ring with the assumption that Mr. Money in the Bank would wipe the mat with Slater in less than 15:42. Ambrose would crash the crash the party and distract Rollins from ring side by stealing his Money in the Bank briefcase and tearing up his contract. The crazy Ambrose then proceeded to pour soda and popcorn in Rollins case before sealing it with JBL’s cowboy hat inside. While distracted by Ambrose Slater rolled Rollins into a small package for the win.

Teddy Turnbuckle has learned that Dean Ambrose is going to announce that their contest at SummerSlam will be a lumberjack match. Lumberjack rules are truly old school. The ring will be surrounded by wrestlers from the WWE roster, heals on one side, faces on the other. They are there to force the competitors back into the ring and prevent them from fleeing. Dean’s dream comes true as Rollins will not be able to get away from the psychotic revenge fueled Ambrose.


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