arianny-holding-moneyDear Miesha Tate, you signed a contract with Strikeforce which was then bought out by the UFC. According to you, you have one fight left on that contract. So why do you feel your “stock has risen”? Because you won one fight since being in the UFC? And let’s be honest, that was not the most exciting fight in the world, not that it was entirely your fault since Liz “Lay and Stay” Carmouche did everything she could to try and hold you down for three full rounds.

You’ve lost twice now in the UFC, Ms. Tate, and both of those losses were via stoppage. How about stopping some opponents of your own before asking for a pay raise. If your stock has risen at all in the UFC, it’s because of their promotion machine, and because, dare I say it, your feud with Ronda Rousey which was almost entirely fueled by her. So lets ease off on the pay raise talk until you start performing. Here’s another idea, why don’t we just honor our contract.

Everyone wants to make more money, but do we really deserve it? That’s the real question.

Let’s look at the Nate Diaz situation. Stockton bad boy wants to cry out on Twitter that he wants more money after teammate Gilbert Melendez almost gets picked up by Bellator, then resigns with the UFC under a new deal. Melendez got a new contract because he FULFILLED his old contract. Have you fulfilled your old contract Mr. Diaz? Obviously not. So why do you deserve a new one? Because you stopped Gray Maynard, a guy who’d only won one of his last four fights?

Do your job, fulfill your duties, and if you perform, then you have room to renegotiate. How is crying out on social media going to help? How is doing interviews and talking bad about your boss going to help? You have a manager, let him do his job. If he isn’t doing his job to your satisfaction, then find a new one, but for God’s sake, stop the whining.

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