Antonio Rodrigo NogueiraThis past Friday, Big Nog was brutally knocked out by Roy Nelson. The legendary Heavyweight mixed martial artist was sent crumpling to the canvas after a crushing punch from Nelson. The sun seems to have set on the illustrious career of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

No longer can Nogueira withstand large amounts of damage and still manage to win. Time catches up with everyone and it has finally caught up to Big Nog. He may still have the heart to fight, but his chin can no longer hold up. Brain injuries are no joke.

Even though this is only the second time he has lost via knockout, his body has accumulated much damage over the course of his career. From his glory days in Pride, to his most recent fight with Roy Nelson, Big Nog always left it all out there when he fought. He never held back and believed so much in his Jiu Jitsu that he would take hellish amounts of punishment just to secure the tap.

I hope Big Nog looks back at his career and realizes he needs to call it quits. He has done it all and has nothing left to prove in this sport. Big Nog needs to call it quits before he inflicts permanent damage on his brain.

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